Thursday, 14 April 2011

Screenshot showing the teardrop shape being used for Andre's torso.

Screenshot taken from the Pixar Shorts DVD of original concept drawings of Andre in Andre and Wally. B. John Lasseter here is trying to create energetic poses but sticking to using primitive shapes

A very simple angle I liked. Much more interesting than if the line made by the table was paralell with the screen

An image I found on Various drawings of Stu in Lifted showing several poses and emotions with lots of sqaush and stretch, particularly in his face.

At first I did enjoy this short film then when researching it's composition I had fun just picking out how the compostion leads the veiwers eye. The fact that it isnt just a straight on look of both characters and uses perspective of the table makes it more appealing.

And the chair pressed into alien back fat is quite amusing :)

Again, I'm applying a grid to see how various elements of the scene are composed. This time the house sits directly on top of the bottom left power point. Then main focal point of the spaceship in this scene almost sits on the top right power point

Screen composition

When researching Lifted for my essay I was also looking into screen composition. I had found that many shots use the rule of thirds. So I started to apply it to some screenshots. I found that in the opening shot the main subjects of that shot were centered around the bottom left 'power point'