Thursday, 7 October 2010

1st post- Learning to add blogs with images

I need to learn how to put blogs onto my site with images. Sounds simple but I don't know how to do it yet. I might as well make this blog relevant (well sort of).

This blog is to do with the album artwork for Anathema for the album 'A Fine Day to Exit' in relation to the Impact an Legibility module. While researching for images that can hold the interest of someone for 10 seconds, I was shown this album by a friend, who knows I'm quite into progressive rock. While enjoying the music I found that this album cover is a good example of narrative and did keep my attention for more than 10 seconds.

Artist: Travis Smith

In my opinion, it looks like someone is stressed with life and just wants to get away from family, phone calls, a job etc. I'm not quite sure why they felt the need to strip down on the beach. Maybe to swim or because they're a bit... odd. Another story that came to mind is that they are bored with their mundane life and try to free themselves, if only temporarily, from their uninteresting lives.

Although not in the image above, when you open the first page it reveals the other half of the image. This half is much darker (not in colour or tone) as you see there are more items on the dashboard which aren't quite as innocent as the family photo and mobile phone on the left. This time there is a gun, opened container of pills and a bottle of Jack Daniels- not something you would normally associate with the dashboard of a car. This 'darker' side tells a story of a much more troubled person who is quite possibly looking to commit suicide. I find it quite interesting how the story has dramatically changed from someone who is trying to free themselves of stress and/or a boring life to someone who is looking to end their life in just one turn of a page and one photo. On the other hand, I could've completely misinterpreted this as different people see things in a different way... oh well :) 

Note: For anyone into rock/metal, this artist (Travis Smith) has done album artwork for Opeth and Devin Townsend. He clearly has good taste in music and deserves and epic thumbs up!

Interview with Travis Smith: click link below.

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